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How to Improve Bathroom Safety

Safety may not be the first thing on your mind when you are selecting the items that you want to install during a bathroom renovation. However, safety is important if you have someone with limited mobility, such as an elderly family member. This article discusses some things that you can add to your bathroom during the remodeling process so that the bathroom is safer for all family members, especially those with limited mobility.

A Walk-In Tub 

You should consider installing a walk-in bathtub in the place of the current one. People with limited mobility have a higher chance to get an accident as they try to get into a conventional tub. A walk-in tub will reduce the likelihood of such accidents because the individual will not strain to get into that tub. He or she will just walk into it and take a bath.

Slip-Resistant Floor Materials

Many accidents occur when people step out of a tub and onto a wet floor. The slick surface may cause them to slip and fall. You should therefore consider improving the traction of the floor in your bathroom. Visit suppliers of bathroom flooring materials and explore the flooring options available to reduce the risk of slipping and falling. For instance, you can buy anti-slip bathroom tiles and install them during the bathroom renovation project. You can also find out whether your jurisdiction has standards or certifications for products that are approved for use in bathrooms that are designed for people with disabilities. Such certifications will help you to select the most appropriate products for your bathroom floor.

Grab Bars

Many people think that grab bars and only needed around the shower or the bathtub. However, grab bars can also be very helpful when they are installed close to the toilet. They help to give the mobility-impaired person extra stability and support as he or she uses the toilet. In case you had grab bars around the shower, consider buying a few more for the toilet area too. Just make sure that the new additions match the existing ones. Otherwise, remove the old ones and install a new set for the entire bathroom.

The suggestions above are some of the options that you may consider as you improve the level of safety in your bathroom. Contact a bathroom renovation expert for more ideas. He or she will listen to your specific concerns before making suggestions that can provide long-term solutions to the bathroom safety needs communicated.