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Options To Consider For Kitchen Cabinetry

When you install kitchen cabinetry during a renovation, you have to make numerous decisions. Some of these decisions are about aesthetics, and others are about the practicality of the cupboards. Here are several options to consider in both of these areas.

Handleless Cupboards

If you want to give your kitchen a sleek look, consider handleless cabinet doors. Without handles dotted everywhere, the doors will present a smooth, uncluttered exterior. You can choose between various options for this. The cupboards can be built with a hidden groove for fingers to grab hold of along the door edge. The handle is thus moulded into the design. Another choice is to install doors with soft-touch technology. They'll open and close with a simple push.

Contrasting Doors

A way to add visual interest to your kitchen design is to ask your cabinet makers to contrast the door finishes. You could go with the duotone option by pairing dark green lower cabinets with light grey upper ones. For subtle contrast, combine shades like pale blue, blush, and soft neutral shades. Alternatively, opt for matte black lower cabinets and white upper ones for drama. If you choose to use both light and dark cabinets, use the lightest tone on the high cabinets (to evoke airiness) and the darkest hue on the lower ones (to ground the design).

Cupboards or Drawers

While the appearance of the cabinetry is important, so are its storage capabilities. You don't have to choose a standard one-shelf cupboard; you have other alternatives as well, such as drawers. These make efficient use of space as they come in varying depths to store items of different heights. So you can put cups and mugs in a relatively shallow drawer and saucepans in a deep one. Of course, drawers only suit under-counter storage, as you look downwards to see inside. You'll have a view of everything when they're open, including items at the back, which makes them more convenient than shelf cupboards.

Glass Door Cabinets

If you want to break up the monotony of solid doors, you could install cabinets with glass panels. These are frequently installed in higher cupboards, where they're less likely to be broken. The glass gives an airier feel to a kitchen as it allows you to see into the storage area. The room will subtly appear bigger because you can see further. Additionally, glass reflects light, so the kitchen will be brighter, giving the impression of more square metres. The reason for this is that brighter rooms tend to seem bigger.

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