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Four laundry must-haves for gadget lovers

Time spent in the laundry room is ideally kept to a bare minimum, and thankfully modern conveniences have made laundry day much easier than it was for your grandparents. If you love technological solutions for everyday chores, check out these four laundry must-haves for gadget lovers.

Hands-free soap dispenser

Hand soap is a staple in the bathroom and laundry environment—a must-have for cleaning yourself up after hand-washing your delicates or soaking a muddy soccer uniform. While pump hand soap is convenient, the pump container can quickly become dirty and unhygienic. The ideal solution for your tech-savvy laundry room is a hands-free soap dispenser, using sensor technology to dispense soap fast while preventing mess and germs. Look for an energy-efficient model with long battery life and the ability to refill with ease. For an ultra-modern look, opt for a brushed metal sensor pump.

Smart taps

For the perfect gadget-lover's laundry sink set-up, an automatic sensor tap is the star of the show. While many home renovators are installing a smart tap in the bathroom or kitchen, the laundry sink is the ideal location for a little technological improvement. Your automatic sensor tap will provide the ultimate touch-free, hygienic convenience to complement your hands-free soap dispenser. Look for a mixer tap with a manual temperature control lever for a stylish and functional laundry tap solution.

Intelligent washer and dryer

When shopping for a high-tech washing machine and clothes dryer, your gadget dreams are only limited by your budget. If you're looking for the ultimate in laundry technology, several manufacturers offer technologically-advanced machines with colour display touch screens, as well as USB ports for customisation and updates. Some models even offer smartphone app control for remote monitoring, customised cycles and notification when a load is finished.

High tech ironing solution

Ironing is both a chore and a skill that is loathed by many. Thankfully, modern gadgetry has come to the rescue in the form of efficient clothes steamers and smart irons that take the guess work and labour out of ironing your clothes. With a range of steam features using sensor technology, automatic lifting and accurate temperature controls, a smart iron is the perfect addition to your tech-savvy laundry. For a elegant, state-of-the-art ironing solution, opt for a high-temperature clothes steamer with a telescopic pole and foot-pedal controls to keep your clothes pressed to perfection.

For more ideas for renovating your high-tech laundry room, contact your local experienced remodeling contractors for up-to-date advice on the latest tech laundry solutions.