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Reasons to Install a Natural Stone Countertop in Your Home

One of the most crucial components of a new kitchen is the countertop. Because it covers a large area, its colour and design will influence the overall look. Plus, because you rely on this surface to prepare food, the counter needs to be hard-wearing. One variety of benchtop that looks beautiful and lasts well is stone. Here are some advantages. 


If you want a calming vibe in your kitchen, opt for natural materials that add warmth and charm. A stone countertop is a perfect way to achieve this. Each slab displays unique patterns and colours that result from organic processes. Some benches may be richly mottled and marbled, while others are smooth and muted. Your kitchen will be more appealing when it doesn't consist primarily of artificial materials. And benchtops present a large surface that shows off a stone's beauty perfectly.


Stone is also colourful. Marble comes in white, black, pink and green. Granite comes in warm yellow, brown and cream. If you love soft peach and ivory shades, you could install a travertine countertop. Or for a moody dark green or grey, you might opt for soapstone. Thus, you can use a stone countertop to prevent the kitchen from looking drab. Plus, it's easy to find a type to suit any kitchen colour palette.


Another advantage of stone countertops is that these counters often last many decades. They're tougher than options such as laminate. However, the stipulation is that you take some care. For example, seal the bench as frequently as your installer recommends. A sealant forms a non-porous surface and helps the counter resist stains. In any case, you should wipe up spills promptly to prevent them from soaking in and possibly degrading the surface. Also, don't bang heavy objects on the stone slab, particularly near the unsupported overhanging edges.


Another advantage of stone kitchen benchtops is that they suit varied kitchen styles. For example, choose a patterned granite or marble for a traditional kitchen. Stone can be polished, honed, leathered or finished in other ways, so you can opt for the best look for your decor. A glossy stone is a classic, while a matte-textured finish complements an industrial-style vibe. Soapstone will give a raw elemental feel to the room that is ideal for a rustic ambience. So you can choose between types, colours and finishes to find a look that's consistent with your kitchen.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about stone kitchen benchtops.