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How Standard Overlay Cabinet Doors Differ from Full Overlay Doors

It may be wise for you to explore different cost-effective ways to remodel your kitchen if you have a limited budget. Transforming the style and type of the doors of your kitchen cabinets is one way to breathe new life into your kitchen without incurring a very high cost. This article discusses standard overlay cabinet doors and full overlay cabinet doors. Use this information to help you to make an informed decision about the type of overlay that will achieve the greatest aesthetic effect after the kitchen remodel.

Standard Overlay Cabinet Doors

Standard overlay doors are also known as traditional overlay doors. They are characterised by the way one can see the box or frame of the cabinet once the doors are installed. These doors are less expensive to make because one does not need to install hardware to help as the door is opened or closed. This is because there is ample space between the cabinet doors, so one can insert his or her fingers in that space in order to open the door. The space left on either side of the frame usually exceeds an inch. Standard overlay cabinet doors usually have a stile placed in the middle of the two doors. This stile can make it hard to store large items within the kitchen cabinet. You can choose from a wide variety of door styles, such as arched and recessed doors, to make the cabinets look unique.

Full Overlay Cabinet Doors

Full overlay cabinet doors look sleek because they minimise how much space is left between cabinet doors. Full overlay doors allow the frame of the cabinet to be hidden from view. The limited space between cabinet doors makes it necessary to install hardware, such as door handles, to make it possible for the doors to be opened with ease. The need for hardware gives you an opportunity to make a personal statement in your kitchen because there is a wide variety of hardware materials, styles and colours to choose from. The added hardware makes the installation of these doors more expensive than the installation of standard overlay doors. However, you will be able to store larger items inside the cabinets because there is no stile in the middle of the cabinet doors to restrict the space.

Consider the unique opportunities and the downsides of each of the cabinet door options above before you start your kitchen remodel project. You can also seek for expert advice from providers of custom joinery services before you make a final decision. The information that you gather will enable you to transform the cabinets into something that will make your kitchen to standout.