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3 Gorgeous & Unique Bathroom Styles to Freshen Up Your Space

In the average home, the bathroom will be in one of two themes: "white and chrome", favoured by people who like a modern classic sort of a look, or "seaside/nautical" with relevant motifs and plenty of blue and/or green, favoured by everyone else. If you're bored of these uniform styles, there are plenty of other ways to renovate a bathroom, and you won't need a seashell in sight if you don't want one.

Classic Art Deco

Most bathrooms lend themselves well to a period style--and it's usually the easiest room in which to create one. If you'd like to stick to traditional black, white and chrome, try looking into an art deco or 1920s-themed bathroom; you can incorporate elements of the Glasgow Style to give the room even more of a personality. It's the small details and little touches that really make this look work out; put plenty of thought into choosing your mirror, and see if you can find one with leaded glass in a fan shape to bring out the theme even more clearly. Look into ceramic for fixtures and fittings, and make everything you can black or chrome to offset the white porcelain. Tiles are also important here; rectangular tiles laid in a brickwork pattern with a contrasting band of colour at the top and bottom are particularly good, as are floor tiles in a Grosvenor style or octagonal tiles with taco inserts.

Glitz, Glamour & Girly Hollywood Glitter

Accent your monochrome tiles with plenty of vivid pink for a look nobody will forget. The key to this style is, again, the mirror: look out for one with lightbulbs around it to bring out the feel of a dressing room, and decorate with all your favourite makeup application accessories. Plenty of your bathroom essentials will come in pink and covered in glitter, and to make this look come together you want to find all the glitter you can.

Artsy, Earthy Bohemian Terracotta

If your style tends more toward warmth, why not look into terracotta walls and earth tones throughout? This is one time when an old-fashioned avocado bathroom suite can really work, if carefully deployed; make sure you pick the right ceramic tiles to set it all off, and have plenty of different textures around the place to keep things feeling cosy. Fluffy bath rugs, embossed wall tiles and candelabra-style light fittings are all great ways to pull a look like this together; you should also give some thought to picking a suitable pattern for the blinds or curtains you have on the bathroom window.

For more ideas on updating your space with bathroom renovations, contact local remodeling contractors.