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4 Compelling Reasons to Consider Recycled Glass Countertops

There are plenty of kitchen countertop materials available, but most homeowners only ever take the time to consider the most common options. For example, you've probably heard of and thought about installing materials like granite or butcher block, but you might not have taken the time to look at recycled glass countertops.

That's a real shame since recycled class countertops come with several compelling advantages. Here are just four.

1. Eco-Friendly

Probably the most immediately obvious benefit that comes along with recycled glass countertops is that they are very environmentally-friendly. Instead of having fresh stone quarried or man-made items manufactured, you'll be using what's already out there. This is especially important with glass since the amount being recycled is generally far higher than the demand for products that use recycled glass.

2. Numerous Styles

One of the best things about recycled glass countertops is that they are available in numerous different styles. After all, there are many colours of glass, so you can either blend them together to create interesting designs or stick with one set colour. You can fit them around traditional kitchens just as well as more modern kitchens, and no two recycled glass countertops will ever look the same since an inimitable blend of glass will have been used to create each one. Regardless of your chosen type of glass, you'll find that your countertop reflects light well and works perfectly with backlighting.

3. Easy to Clean

You might think that recycled glass countertops would be slightly uneven and therefore quite hard to keep clean. However, the resin polymer your glass is bound with will encase the glass itself. That resin polymer will be completely non-porous, meaning that your countertops will be easy to clean with just a few quick wipes. In contrast, materials such as granite and marble have porous surfaces, so they'll need to be sealed regularly to prevent staining and cleaned with only certain types of cleaning agent.

4. Resists Scratching and Scorching

Glass isn't exactly a material that people tend to associate with strength. That said, recycled glass countertops are extremely durable, and they're far harder to scratch or scorch than other popular kitchen countertop materials. Again, this is down to the hard resin polymer that encases the glass. Even sharp knives should glide across the surface without leaving a mark, and you'll be able to lay hot pots and pans down on the surface without worrying about an unsightly scorch mark being made.