Remodeling Tips for Apartments, Condos and Other Small Spaces

How Remodelling Contractors Add Value to Properties

Although a typical remodelling contractor won't make significant structural alterations to your home or increase its footprint in any way, their work can often add a significant amount of value to a property. Of course, any home improvement work you have conducted in your house should add value to it. The difference comes with how professionally conducted remodelling projects are able to bring about a much greater increase to the value to your home than, for example, simply redecorating a few rooms. What are the main ways that Australians use remodelling contractors to maximise their property's value?

Bathroom Remodelling Projects 

One of the best things you can do to make your home more attractive to would-be buyers is to update your bathroom. In fact, bathroom renovations are among the main jobs that remodelling contractors undertake in residential properties. A full remodelling project may involve reorganising the layout with a new bath and shower combination to maximise the sense of space you have. It may also mean increasing the room your bathroom occupies by shifting an internal wall, so long as it is not a structural one. Adding recessed spotlighting and offering additional features, like whirlpool baths, are popular ways of adding the 'wow factor' to a remodelled bathroom.

Kitchen-Diner Remodelling

Many homes in Australia have separate kitchens and dining rooms, but the trend among new properties is to combine these spaces. Remodelling contractors are often commissioned to create kitchen-diners from two distinct areas, often making a desirable social space through an open plan approach. Incredibly fashionable floating island kitchen units are possible when you open up your living space in this way – a sure sign that your property will become more desirable when you come to sell it.

Garage Conversions

Sometimes remodelling contractors turn spaces over to entirely new purposes. Few garages in the country are used to store cars any longer, and they often become dumping grounds. By re-purposing yours into a new living space, you can add a tremendous amount to the asking price of your home. Typical conversions include adding an extra bedroom or providing a utility room. If your home does not need these sorts of rooms, then why not consider remodelling it into a home cinema complete with raked seating and a state-of-the-art sound system? Potential buyers love unique features like these, and it can make all the difference when it comes to achieving the optimal sales price when you are ready to put it on the market.