Remodeling Tips for Apartments, Condos and Other Small Spaces

How to create the bathroom of your dreams

In many ways, bathroom renovations are more difficult to plan than designing a new bathroom. When you are starting with an empty space, then you can often design the floorplan to fit each of the bathroom fixtures wherever you want them. When you are working with an existing bathroom, then you probably won't want to bother moving the plumbing around or moving any of the fixtures too far from their current locations. Despite these limitations, it is still possible to use bathroom renovations to create a unique space that combines functionality with style. Here are four ways that you can create a bathroom that is perfectly suited to your home and your lifestyle.  

Consider the practicalities

Your bathroom renovations must take into account practical issues such as the availability of natural light, the position of the doorway, the amount of storage required and any design elements you want to include. By settling the practical issues first, you can be sure that your bathroom renovations will create a functional design that makes your new bathroom a pleasure to use.

Consider the available space

All bathroom renovations require you to work with the amount of floor space you have available. If you are fortunate enough to have a large bathroom then you can fit in as much as you desire, but if your space is more limited then you may have to think about whether you really need both a shower and a bath. Would a wet room make better use of your space than a walk-in shower unit?

Consider your storage

Storage is always helpful in a bathroom. Make sure your bathroom renovations take will provide sufficient storage space for all of the bottles, tubes and packets of toiletries that accumulate in bathrooms. Think about whether you want to conceal your cupboards to create a sleek look to your space or whether open cupboards would create a casual, more spacious appearance.

Consider the style

Perhaps the most defining feature of your bathroom will be the style of the fixtures you install. Think about whether you want to present a classic or a modern appearance to those who will use the room. Do you want to continue a theme from the rest of the property or to present a deliberately contrasting style to your visitors? Take some time to think through these issues and then choose the best fittings to bring your dreams to practical reality.

Contact a company that works with bathroom renovations in order to get more help with this sort of project.