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Reasons to Consider a Kitchen Servery or Servery Window

If you want to add extra functionality to your kitchen and make it feel more open, you could install a servery or a servery window. While one of these openings is more traditional and connects the kitchen with a dining area, the other is modern, and it joins a kitchen with the outdoors. Following is some information about these two types of openings.

Kitchen Servery

You might have come across homes built decades ago with a kitchen servery that opens onto a dining area. For example, a home might have a galley kitchen with a big square hole in the wall and a wide sill or bench on both sides. They look like a window frame, but without glass. These serveries are used to hand food from the kitchen to the dining area. They also open up the kitchen area and prevent it from feeling closed in.

A traditional kitchen servery offers a great way to be connected to other family members or have a view of the TV as you cook and prepare food. They provide a middle ground between a separate kitchen and an open-plan design. You'll have a cosy space to work in, but it will feel more airy and light. If you have a small kitchen, a servery is ideal as it will make the area feel bigger. If you want to renovate your kitchen, such an opening provides a unique possibility.

Servery Windows

In contrast, servery windows are a modern phenomena that connect a kitchen with the outdoors, such as a patio or terrace. They typically have a wide counter area on both sides, so you can easily hand refreshments and food through the window. You can install a narrow or wide window. A bifold window, which is one option, consists of several panes that fold to the side. Other mechanisms include sliding and double sash windows.

A servery window unites your indoors and outdoors so you can enjoy your garden or socialise with friends and family while you're cooking inside. It's an excellent alternative to installing an outdoor kitchen because you can use your existing one instead.

These windows also create a beautiful ambience in your home as you can open the windows to enjoy the breeze on a beautiful day and connect to nature. Again, if you have a smaller compact place, installing a servery window during kitchen remodeling will help open up the area and make it feel larger.

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