Ways to Add Storage and Counter Space to Your Kitchen

When renovating your kitchen, you might focus primarily on the colours and textures of the benchtops, cabinetry, flooring and whatnot. However, no aesthetic impact can make up for the inconvenience of a lack of storage and countertop area. Custom cabinetry allows you to personalise the space, no matter what your kitchen layout and size, for the most user-friendly experience. Consider the following options. Kitchen Island One way to incorporate extra storage and countertop area is with a kitchen island. [Read More]

3 Ways That You Can Tell When Your House Needs Underpinning

The foundation of a house is the structure that determines how strong and stable the house will be. Several factors determine the strength of a foundation; these include the soil structure holding the foundation, type of foundation, and water content in the soil. When one of the conditions that support a healthy foundation is interfered with, it starts to settle. If a homeowner does not recognise the early signs of foundation problems in time, the home suffers severe structural damage. [Read More]

Purchasing stone kitchen benchtops online: What you should know

Stone benchtops are one of the most durable and elegant materials you can install in your home. However, the process of finding a local supplier can be lengthy and confusing. This is why many homeowners are resorting to purchasing their benchtops online. While it may initially sound daunting, the process of purchasing stone benchtops online is actually quite convenient. Not only do you get more time to choose the exact type of stone you prefer, but you also enjoy additional services such as delivery and installation. [Read More]

How to create the bathroom of your dreams

In many ways, bathroom renovations are more difficult to plan than designing a new bathroom. When you are starting with an empty space, then you can often design the floorplan to fit each of the bathroom fixtures wherever you want them. When you are working with an existing bathroom, then you probably won't want to bother moving the plumbing around or moving any of the fixtures too far from their current locations. [Read More]