How to Improve Bathroom Safety

Safety may not be the first thing on your mind when you are selecting the items that you want to install during a bathroom renovation. However, safety is important if you have someone with limited mobility, such as an elderly family member. This article discusses some things that you can add to your bathroom during the remodeling process so that the bathroom is safer for all family members, especially those with limited mobility. [Read More]

How to clean your stone benchtop

Stone benchtops are common in homes of various types. It looks and feels luxurious, and is durable for a variety of activities. However, stone can be a difficult material to clean, as it can be quite porous. It's also difficult as stone is hard to restore if it were to become discoloured or break. In order to clean stone benchtops in a way that is gentle for the material, but also so that you prevent further problems down the road, there are a few things you should think about. [Read More]

New Puppy, Plus Outside Allergies, Equals An Excellent Reason To Install Artificial Grass

Just like humans, some dogs are more genetically disposed to having allergy issues than others. While you will not know that your dog is allergy sensitive when you first get him, it will quickly become apparent there is an issue once he starts spending a bit of time outside. When backyard trips are making your puppy miserable, these are the facts you need to know. Diagnosing Outside Allergies A trip to your vet is the ultimate way to prove the symptoms you are seeing can be attributed to greenery they are coming into contact with while outside. [Read More]