How to Get the Right Splashback for Your Kitchen

With seemingly never-ending options to choose from, making a selection on kitchen splashbacks can seem like quite the daunting task. However, it should not be so complicated. There are a few things that you can keep in mind to ensure that your choice of splashback will not only be functional in your kitchen, but will also seamlessly blend in with the d├ęcor choices in your kitchen. The following are some tips you can use to get the right splashback for your kitchen. [Read More]

Start Your Engines: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Choosing Engineered Stone Benchtops

When it comes to benchtop materials, it's hard to match the combination of beauty and durability that comes with stone. However, natural stones such as granite, slate and sandstone do not come cheaply, and large benchtops covered in natural stone may be out of reach for many homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen on a strict budget.  An excellent, low-cost alternative to solid, natural stone is engineered stone. This material is made from crushed fragments of stone, which are then formed into a solid surface using tough binders made from polymers or epoxy resin. [Read More]

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid in a Small Space

Renovating a small bathroom is a great way to add space for storage and to make it seem bigger than it really is. A new vanity, shelving and other such features can make the bathroom more functional and a fresh coat of paint can also make it seem larger overall. Note a few mistakes you'll want to avoid, however, when you're ready to do a small bathroom renovation in your home. [Read More]

Three Ways You Can Return Your Queenslander To Its Former Glory

A lot was happening in Australian residential architecture during the Victorian era. It was a time of great growth for the country, with new residents from elsewhere in the British Empire arriving on a daily basis, so new homes were going up all the time--and with new and interesting architectural styles. From the Gothic Revival of the early Victorian period to the beginnings of Federation Style at its end, there was a great deal of innovation and art happening in home building during those decades. [Read More]